A Tale as Old as Me -

Fahmida Azim is an illustrator, storyteller, and tea-drinker. Her journey started in the rural villages of ‘90s Bangladesh, born to a conservative Muslim family. From there, as immigrant plot points go, they jumped over a large pond and wound up in the suburban purgatories of Virginia. After acquiring an art school degree from VCUarts, she astonished all by making a sustainable living out of freelancing - armed with only a portfolio, an exacto-knife, and what experts call “moxie”. Her work has appeared in places like NYT, NPR, Vice, The Nib, Eater and any other publications that can help her pay rent. Currently, she’s based in Emerald City, Seattle, where she lives her dream of publishing books and creating art that explores the intersections of culture, autonomy, and identity.

Fahmida is repped by Lilly Ghahremani at Full Circle Literary, who can be reached at lilly@fullcircleliterary.com.